Friday, February 9, 2007

PeopleSoft Servlet Directives

Over the past few years, I’ve run into several hidden PeopleTools tricks that I’ve never seen documented. I have no idea why PeopleTools decided not to document these, but I’ve found a lot of use for them.

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* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=reloadconfig&pwd=[password] — Reloads the Web Profile
* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=viewconfig&pwd=[password] — Displays currently cached Web Profile
* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=purge&pwd=[password] — Purges webserver memory cache (portal registry, etc.)
* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=viewcp&pwd=[password] — Displays cached node URIs
* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=viewsprop&pwd=[password] — Display’s session properties (doesn’t seem to work in 8.44+ anymore)
* http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=debugCache&pwd=[password] — Cache Control Center… allows you to do all sorts of things with your web cache (8.45.05+ only)

The [password] parameter is defined in the Web Profile as a custom property called auditPWD.

Search questions related to PeopleSoft Servlet Directives on  MyAnswerBank

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